How are you coping with the distance between us?

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During the COVID breakout, Explorer’s Society underwent a creative burst. However this posed some problems for an 11 piece band. Our first Zoom rehearsal proved that any videos you watch of bands playing online, are tricked to make them look harmonious. In reality, they look like this…

So we needed to adopt a new way of sharing our creative improvisations during the lock down.

As the lockdowns eased in Spring, people came outdoors and we observed the effect of proximity on relationships. We noticed the nuances of intimacy and friendship among people communicating from 6-feet apart.

We began asking if I could mic people up to listen into their conversations and delve into the coping mechanics people utilised to get through the pandemic.

The Summer filled parks with people pushing the boundaries of closeness and Autumn rains deserted the streets and parks again.

The house lights are now warming against a dusky purple sky and people are preparing for hibernation. 

This winter, we want to explore the way homes have turned into a ‘bubble’ that blends the working and intimate spaces. How are relationships tested and what innovative methods have been used to adapt environments. This will be done by looking into the windows of participants from outside.

The streets are full of close interactions which doors lock us out of, but windows allow us to peer into. The frames within the frame signifying the layers of separation and intimacy.

Our process

Film maker, Rhys Votano would go about capturing video scenes of Cambridge and the inhabitants trying to make sense of 2020, from six feet apart.

Band members would watch the films and record musical melodies from their own bedrooms which would be intertwined with the edit.

The result would paint a small portrait of what Cambridge looked like during the lockdown and help structure a live performance we are optimistic to perform in 2021.

Want to be a part of this project?

We are looking for locals to be a part of the story. You don’t need to be a professional actor, but having some character always helps.

We also are looking for local real estate and business partners to help us project these stories and soundscapes onto the walls and windows of UK town centres to provide another layer to the piece.

If you would like to share a story on camera, then please fill out the form below or send us a message on Instagram