A journey through sound and story, Spheres is the second project from post-rock group Explorers Society.

Part documentary, part live performance, Spheres is an exploration through Cambridge whereby pianist David Allatt led a group of talented musicians in recording their own interpretation of  Musica universalis – Sound of the Spheres.

Each instrument played in a unique place, from school halls to hilltop lookouts to riverside boats, turning the local environment into a central player on the album – produced by Digvalley AKA Eirik Boen Gravdal.

The entire process was captured on camera and used as projections in the live show. Story and sound move back and forth between the screen and the performance space to take audiences through the making of the album.

That is projected behind the band as they play the live score. The closed preview took place at Gonville and Caius college.

Explorers performed in places such as the King’s College Chapel in Cambridge, St. John’s College – Main Hall, Jesus Chapel, Sheffield Cathedral, Ely Cathedral and other local venues.

A sample scene from our shoot on Castle Hill

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If you are a music, film or arts festival organiser, you can book this full show or members individually. Performances can be scaled to suit most venues.

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