Explorer’s Society have played venues as grand as the King’s College Chapel, as sweaty as the backroom of Relevant Records and as quiet as the reception room of a small art gallery for the Chinese Festival.

The band grows from solo instrumental performances of our albums, to quartets to the full post rock ensemble of a dozen members. Each offering the best experience for the size of the space.

Setting up for a mid sized performance

Visual Presentation

In addition to the music, the visual presentation scales to the experience. the classic cinematic experience designed around any typical 16:9 video projection. The film has also been adapted to multi-screen projections using circular screens. You can see this set up within our performance within the Chapel below.

Our live shows adapt from 4×3 to 16:9 to Projection Mapped Circles

The story

The story we tell throughout the performance is easily adapted to the spaces we play within. We have told a five scene narrative mixing the best tracks from each album, the full album from start to finish and also a longer combination of all albums in a feature length cinematic piece.

Circles or Rectangles

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six feet apart